A smart and very extensible jquery sliding carousel

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All the methods must be called on the SilverTrack instance. It is possible to retrieve the instance through the container used to create the track, example:

// It will only create a new instance, in the first time, or retrieves an existing one
var track = $(".slider-container").silverTrack();

// Calling methods
// ...
name description parameters
start Starts SilverTrack
goToPage Goes to a specific page when it existsm page
next Goes to the next page when it exists
prev Goes to the previous page when it exists
hasNext Returns true if next page exist false
hasPrev Returns true if previous page exist
restart Restarts the position of the items, by default goes to the first page. This method accepts an opts object with page, keepCurrentPage and animate attributes. Default: {page: 1, keepCurrentPage: false, animate: false} opts
install Installs a plugin. Check out the how to Creating a plugin plugin
reloadItems Nullifies the items cache forcing the plugin to reload
updateTotalPages Disables the calculation of totalPages and defines the new one with the informed number totalPages
findPluginByName Finds an installed plugin by its name. It returns null if the plugin is not installed. Ex: track.findPluginByName("Navigator") name