A smart and very extensible jquery sliding carousel

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All the options must be passed in the initialization and will be available at track.options

  perPage: 4,
  itemClass: "item",
  mode: "horizontal",
  autoHeight: false,
  cover: false,
  duration: "slow",
  easing: "swing"
name description default
perPage The amount of itens to display 4
itemClass The class name that will be used to find the item item
mode The direction of pagination (horizontal or vertical) horizontal
animationAxis The direction of the animation (x or y). To animate in "y" axis you will need the mode "vertical" too x
autoHeight If it will adjust the track height after each pagination false
cover When set to true, the plugin will consider the first page as a cover and will consider it as one item false
easing Animation function used by SilverTrack. This function will be used by $.animate, so you could use any plugin that adds easing functions. Ex: jQuery Easing swing
duration The duration used by the animation function 600
animateFunction If set this function will be used instead of $.animate. The function will receive movement, duration, easing and afterCallback. The movement object will be {left: someNumber} or {height: someNumber}. For an example of how to replace the animation function take a look at css3 animation plugin null


{itemClass: "my-item", cover: true, easing: "easeInOutQuad", duration: 600}

Pick the best cover

because it will occupy the whole first page, but it adds a nice touch of refinement


{itemClass: "small-item", perPage: 5, mode: "vertical"}


{itemClass: "small-item", perPage: 5, mode: "vertical", animationAxis: "y"}


{itemClass: "small-item", cover: true, perPage: 5, mode: "vertical", animationAxis: "y"}

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